Audrey (Doe #7)

We here at “Deer Headquarters” can’t help but think of the glamorous Audrey Hepburn whenever we see this graceful beauty strolling through the neighborhood.  At ~10 years old as of the most recent update of this post (Summer 2023), Audrey makes her home in Mt. Storm Park and the surrounding yards of Lafayette Avenue.  Audrey […]

Ellen (Doe #37)

If you are lucky enough to glimpse Ellen slipping quietly through the trees of Mt. Storm Park, you’ll be treated to a vision of grace and beauty.  But Ellen is far more than a pretty face.  Like her namesake, Ellen is a loyal and loving friend to Peggy (Doe #51).  Though their personalities are different […]

Frances (Doe #27)

We’re not quite sure how we got so lucky as to have Frances in the neighborhood, because clearly this ~13 year old (as of Summer 2023) beauty belongs in Hollywood.  When she’s not striking a pose for our field cameras, Frances can be found strolling through Mt. Storm Park and the surrounding woods and yards […]

Gladys (Doe #49)

If you are out for a walk in Mt. Storm Park and have the strange feeling of being watched, it just might be Gladys surveilling you from behind a bush.  Gladys, age ~11 as of the most recent update to this posting (Summer 2023), likes to keep close tabs on what her human neighbors are […]

Gloria (Doe #1), The Doe Who Started It All

A healthy ~150 lbs when she was spayed, Gloria really likes the corn at our bait stations and just might have packed on a few pounds in recent years. We understand, Gloria, it happens to us all as we age! Gloria and her family live in the woods between Amazon Avenue and Lafayette, and are frequent […]

Heeseung (Doe #31)

We aren’t sure if Heeseung can sing like her namesake, but with those soulful brown eyes and gorgeous fur, we’re sure she would look great on any stage!  Heeseung is ~13 years old as of the most recent update to this post (Summer 2023) and lives in Mt. Storm Park and the surrounding yards of […]

Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow (Doe #83)

Clever and spunky, Iris – like a rainbow – brings joy to our community.  Four years old as of the most recent update of this post (Summer 2023), Iris isn’t afraid to strike out on her own – she’s independent and curious enough to explore parts of the neighborhood outside her core territory on her […]

Mae (Doe #71)

A bold and adventurous social butterfly, Mae is happy in a crowd of deer and enjoys joining her Aunt Gladys (Doe #49) in games of “lets spy on the human” in the Mt Storm Park and the yards of Lafayette Avenue.       Mae is one of the few deer in our herd who was […]

Maliki (Doe #28)

This gal’s long legs and erect bearing make us think of a graceful dancer! Aged ~10 as of the most recent update of this post (Summer 2023), Maliki is hard to photograph solo because she rarely goes anywhere without her family, Pippy (Doe #25) and Doe #42.  Since the sad disappearance and presumed death of  family […]

Josephine (Doe #17)

Once observed charging and kicking a large buck who was chasing off her last fawn, Josephine is known for her fierce loyalty, bravery, and spirit.  Never straying far from her BFF Juniper (Doe #19), Josephine (who’s nickname is Josie) also enjoys hanging out with several other doe family groups in the neighborhood.  In fact, we […]