If you are out for a walk in Mt. Storm Park and have the strange feeling of being watched, it just might be Gladys surveilling you from behind a bush.  Gladys, age ~11 as of the most recent update to this posting (Summer 2023), likes to keep close tabs on what her human neighbors are up to and is the first to notice and check out anything and anyone new in the neighborhood.  In fact, Gladys seems so well informed about our field operations (heading deep into the woods with her family and friends whenever our darters come to town) that we have to wonder if she spies our planning meetings!

When she isn’t looking over garden walls and keeping up with the latest neighborhood gossip, she can be found in Mt. Storm Park and the woods between Lafayette Avenue and Rue de la Paix with her niece, Mae (Doe #71).

Gladys survives family members Harriett (Doe #23), Ethel (Doe #55),  and Louise (Doe #62, and Mae’s mother), who in their heyday were affectionately known as the original “Mt. Storm Bridge Club” among some Lafayette Avenue neighbors. 

Spayed in our January 2017 field operations, Gladys weighed in at a svelte ~145 lbs. 

Adopted and Named by: Sally Skillman

Named for: Gladys Kravitz, the nosey and rather high strung neighbor from the TV show “Bewitched.”

Sponsored by: Gladys is still looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please let us know

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