Welcome to the Clifton Deer Program: Cincinnati’s First Non-Lethal Deer Fertility Control Pilot Project

We are CliftonDeer.org, formed by a group of Cincinnati residents for the purpose of promoting humane methods of deer population management and the ecological health of our parks and communities.

Like many communities, ours has struggled with competing interests and values surrounding urban deer. Virtually everyone has a strongly held opinion on “the deer problem.” Some think the deer were here first, that the problems with deer are caused by humans, and that people should adjust themselves to the deer’s presence and leave them alone. Others view deer simply as pests and opportunities for sport hunting and food. Still others, including the Cincinnati Parks, see the burgeoning deer population as a serious threat to urban forest regeneration and species diversity.

CliftonDeer.org takes a path somewhere in between. We respect Board’s goal of protecting our complex and threatened eco-systems as well as the desire to minimize deer-human conflict. Our fertility control program offers a holistic solution that treats the deer as part of the natural environment we seek to preserve. It works to reduce the population and protect the ecosystem without causing the suffering and death of a living member of it.

We’re grateful to Cincinnati’s award winning Parks for collaborating with us to test an innovative and humane approach to the problem of overabundant deer, and invite you to explore our website to learn more.

Our 5 year Pilot Program concluded its first year field operations in early December 2015, its second year of field operations in January 2017, and its third year of field operations in January 2018.

For communities thinking about a fertility control program, we offer this outline of considerations based on our experience.

An exciting, innovative, and humane deer fertility control pilot program