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Who We Are

We are CliftonDeer.org, an Ohio nonprofit corporation formed in 2015. Our mission is to promote humane methods of deer population management and the ecological health of our parks and communities. 

What We Do

To advance our mission, we operate the Clifton Deer Program and we work to educate others on effective and humane alternatives to lethal culling in urban areas.  Started in December 2015, the Clifton Deer Program uses an established fertility control method that has produced a documented decline in the deer population each year of the Program’s existence to date.      

Leadership Team

Financial Information

Ways to Support Us

As a nonprofit organization, our expenses are broken down into three categories: program expenses, fundraising expenses, and administrative expenses.  Program expenses are directly related to the fulfillment of our mission, whereas administrative and fundraising expenses are generally thought of as “overhead.”  As shown by the diagram below, the vast majority of our expenses are “program” related, and having an all volunteer local leadership team allows us to keep “overhead” expenses low.

Five Year Rolling Average: Expenses by Category*

*Fiscal Years Jan 1 2018 - Dec 31 2022

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A Personal Reflection from the Field

When Doe #70 wakes up she won’t be the same.  She won’t mate again or carry and nurse another fawn. We have changed her. She likely will live longer and be healthier physically, and by all observations will return to her normal social and familial relationships. We can’t know if she would choose this option […]

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CliftonDeer.org’s Federal Employer Identification Number is 47-430573.  To confirm our status as a 501(c)(3) organization with the IRS, click here (note that if you search for us by name, type cliftondeerorg, leaving out the “.” ).  For our most recent Charitable Registration with the Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Division, click here. To request a copy of our most recent  unaudited financial statements, please contact us

Information about how we have reduced our costs over time is included on our Results page