Because our deer are wild animals, we can’t always know what has happened when one disappears. This is the case with Olive. Olive went missing in the Winter of 2022, and one of her ear tags was found in the woods of Mt. Storm Park about a year later. While we’d like to think Olive just opted for a change of scenery, the evidence suggests otherwise.

We are grateful for the years we had with Olive as part of our herd. 

Below is Olive’s original adoption post. If you would like to make a donation in remembrance of Olive, simply include the words “Remembrance Gift – Olive (Doe #52)” in the comment box on our online donation form or on your check memo if you donate by check. 

Original Post:

Olive, the last doe treated in our January 2017 field operations, is pictured here on a March 2018 walk through Mt Storm Park. About 5.5 years old as of the date of this posting (September 2019), Olive is best known for her unique style (she’s often observed wearing her tags wildly askew), and for following ~8.5 year old Doe #31 worshipfully around the woods of Mt. Storm Park and the yards of Lafayette Avenue.

Olive weighed in at a healthy ~145 lbs. when she was spayed in January 2017.

Adopted and Named by:  Alma, Vida, Marieka & Kevin (the Sasquatches)

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