Harriet was last observed in Mt. Storm Park in the Fall of 2022.  Given her age and her strong family bonds, it seems likely that Harriet has died (though there is a remote possibility that she left the area). 

Below is Harriet’s original adoption post.  If you would like to make a donation in remembrance of Harriet, simply include the words “Remembrance Gift – Harriet (Doe #23)” in the comment box on our online donation form or on your check memo if you donate by check.

Original Post:

Harriet is the calm and fearless leader whom the other does in her family group gladly follow.  She likes a lot of time to wander alone, but at the first sign of trouble (such as an aggressive buck harassing the smaller females), she is right there to protect her family and lead them to safety.  Her job as family leader and protector used to be shared with her big sis Doe #24, with whom she had an incredibly close bond, but sadly Doe #24 was killed by a speeding car on Ludlow in 2018.  Since Doe #24’s untimely death, Harriet seems to have become closer to Gladys (Doe #49).   At the time of this posting (September 2019), Harriet is ~6.5 years old.  

Harriet lives in Mt. Storm Park and the woods between Lafayette Avenue and Rue de la Paix with her family, Doe #62 a/k/a Louise (age ~4.5), Doe #55 aka Ethel (age ~3.5), Doe #49 a/k/a  Gladys (age ~6.5), and Louise’s as-yet-untagged daughter.

Adopted and Named by: Sally Skillman & Nancy McGaughey

Named in honor of:  Harriet Tubman,  American abolitionist, political activist, and leader.  

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