Once observed charging and kicking a large buck who was chasing off her last fawn, Josephine is known for her fierce loyalty, bravery, and spirit.  Never straying far from her BFF Juniper (Doe #19), Josephine (who’s nickname is Josie) also enjoys hanging out with several other doe family groups in the neighborhood.  In fact, we sometimes suspect that the large parties she assembles may be Josie’s attempt to start a girl band.  (Someone may want to tell her that the name Josie and the Pussycats is taken).  Whether alone or in a crowd, you can usually find Josie, who is ~11 years old as of the most recent update of this post (Summer 2023), living her best life in the yards of and woods surrounding Amazon Avenue.     

Adopted and Named by: Lauren Stoll

Sponsored by: Josie would love to have you as a sponsor!  If you are interested,  please let us know!

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