After Ruth lost her companion (and likely mother) Grace (Doe #63) to a vehicle strike on Valentine’s Day 2020, we were initially heartened to hear reports that she had joined a small group of does living just south of Ludlow Avenue in Clifton.  However, Ruth soon resumed her wandering ways on her own, and this time traveled all the way to Bracken Woods – where we were devastated to learn on November 9, 2020 that a bowhunter killed her.   

We will never forget our gentle, spunky, silly, wandering Ruth.         

Below is Ruth’s original adoption post.  If you would like to make a donation in remembrance of Ruth, simply include the words “Remembrance Gift – Ruth (Doe #60)” in the comment box on our online donation form or on your check memo if you donate by check.

Original Post:

Like her namesake, Ruth is resourceful, determined, and tough as nails. And dare we say, notorious? Rarely away from her best friend Grace (~4.5 yr. old Doe #63), Ruth has been spotted napping on Hedgerow, munching groundcover on Hosea, nuzzling with Grace on Lorraine, strolling up Old Ludlow hill, grazing on Manor Hill, eating from bird feeders on Gano, making an appearance outside a Super Bowl party on Whirham in January, and spending a Wednesday hanging out outside the dentist’s office on Whitfield. She and Grace have even been spotted – twice! – making excursions all the way over to the Zoo and back! lounging in yards on Ludlow. All this despite sustaining a serious leg injury on Christmas Day 2018 that left her limping for several months.

At the time of this posting (September 2019), Ruth is ~2.5 years old. Because they seem to pop up everywhere, Ruth and Grace are known around the neighborhood as the “Where’s Waldos” of Clifton.

Adopted and Named by: Beth Whelan

Named in honor of: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Sponsored by:  Molly Sayles

Remembrance Gift given by: Maggie Schneider

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