Like her namesake, Susie has a warm, endearing  “go big or go home” personality.  She joined the Clifton herd as a ~2 year old immigrant in the Fall of 2021 and settled in the Edgewood Grove area, quickly becoming a fixture in the backyards of McAlpin Avenue.  Although she arrived in Clifton alone, Susie seems to have found a family with Scarlet (Doe #48), Scarlet’s daughters, Doe #50 and Doe #58, and Scarlet’s bestie, Doe #15.   

Aged ~4 as of the most recent update of this post (Summer 2023), Susie is one of the larger does in the Clifton herd, having weighed in at ~180 when she was sterilized in January 2022.

Adopted and Named by: Polly and Tom Welch, in honor of Tom’s younger sister Susie. 

Tom says:

“My sister, Susie, along with having a great sense of humor, was a friend to animals since she was a child. She was always bringing in strays of all sorts and caring for them or nursing them back to health. I remember the birds she helped get back to health and flying that she had found injured. Also, the neighbor’s St Bernard that would wander 4 blocks to our house to visit with her.

This kindness and care continued as an adult. My sister lived on a small farm and had a horse, mule, chickens, a dog, various cats and an adopted pig that someone had neglected. She volunteered with her local vet and said laughingly she believed people knew she was a softie for animals and would leave them in her yard to care for and find homes. She sadly passed away at 57 so it’s nice to look up in the backyard and see reminders of her through the deer who live up there.“

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