Remember the “Pig-Pen” character in the Peanuts comic strips? The sweet little boy who was always very dirty?  We promised Doe #48 that her name will be much more dignified than that – and Mark & Kim really delivered – but we have to admit the resemblance is a bit uncanny.  Scarlet’s tags are always, irrevocably, dirty.  Day and night, fair weather and foul, she gives the appearance of someone who has just enjoyed a refreshing mud bath.  To each their own, Scarlet, to each their own. You just be you.

Scarlet, a dignified matriarch at aged ~14 as of the most recent updating of this post (Summer 2023), was spayed in our January 2017 field operations together with her daughter, Doe #50 (now ~7 years old).  Doe #50’s twin sister, Doe #58 was spayed a year later in our January 2018 field operations.  This inseparable mother-daughter trio, along with Scarlet’s BFF, Doe #15 (also ~14 yrs. old), live in Edgewood Grove and the surrounding yards.

Recently, Scarlet & Family have opened their hearts to Susie (Doe #88), a 2021 immigrant to the Clifton Study Area.  Susie, who was a loner when she arrived, appears to have integrated fully into Scarlet’s group.   

Adopted and Named by:  Mark & Kim Nagelhout 

Named in honor of:  Dedicated to our love, appreciation and respect for deer. To help support and promote nonlethal deer programs. The life of every deer is precious and meaningful. The name Scarlet was from a fawn that we helped rescue.

Sponsored by:  Scarlet is still looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please let us know.

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