Program Partners and Service Providers

As the landowner and steward of the Cincinnati Parks, the Cincinnati Parks Board is an important partner in the Program.

The Program was designed and is being implemented by Dr. Anthony J. DeNicola, Ph.D., President of White Buffalo, Inc. White Buffalo is a non-profit research organization dedicated to conserving ecosystems through wildlife population control.   [White Buffalo’s Business Portfolio ]

Dr. DeNicola received an M.S. degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a Ph.D. from Purdue University in wildlife ecology. His dissertation was entitled “Control of reproduction in overabundant white-tailed deer populations.”  Dr. DeNicola has conducted both contraceptive and sterilization projects throughout the United States over the past 22 years.   [Dr. DeNicola’s Curiculum Vitae]

Dr. Randy Junge, DVM, DACZM is the lead veterinarian for the Program. As such, he performs ovariectomies and trains and supervises local veterinarians to perform the procedure. Dr. Junge has 25 years experience in zoo medicine and has personally performed over 90 ovariectomies on white tail deer.   [Letter from Dr. Junge regarding his experience with White Buffalo and the ovariectomy procedure]

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the nation’s largest animal protection organization, views sterilization as humane and effective and has partnered with and White Buffalo on the Program.  HSUS awarded a $20,000 Grant to help fund the first year of the Program and HSUS wildlife biologists participated in the 2015 field operations.   [Letter from HSUS regarding its support]

The Program utilizes local volunteers to the extent possible to lower costs and increase community participation. works closely with all Program partners, service providers, and volunteers and is responsible, in conjunction with the Park Board’s staff to the extent desired by the Park Board, for coordinating all aspects of the Program.


An exciting, innovative, and humane deer fertility control pilot program