In Memoria: Alex (Doe #45)

Sadly, Alex was killed by an automobile on or around June 16, 2021.  She was survived by her family, Doe #5, Doe #6, and Doe #33.  We will forever be grateful for the joy Alex brought to us. Below is Alex’ original adoption post.  If you would like to make a donation in remembrance of […]

In Memoria: Becky (Doe #76)

We tragically lost Becky in September 2022 to Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (a highly lethal disease spread by midges).  She was about 6.5 years old at the time of her passing.  We thank her for the joy she brought to our neighborhood for the short time she was with us.      Below is Becky’s original […]

In Memoria: Ethel (Doe #55)

On October 1st, 2021, we learned that our beloved Ethel had been found dead of unknown causes near the woods where she spent her life.  She is survived by her family, Doe #23 a/k/a Harriet, Doe #49 a/k/a Gladys, and Doe #71 a/k/a Mae.   We will never forget her antics and remain grateful for the […]

In Memoria: Grace (Doe #63)

Our beloved Grace was killed by a vehicle as she was crossing the road on McAlpin Avenue on February 14, 2020.  She was survived by her constant companion (and likely daughter Ruth (Doe #60).   We will never forget you, Grace – you were one of a kind. Below is Grace’s original adoption post.   If you […]

In Memoria: Harriet (Doe #23)

Harriet was last observed in Mt. Storm Park in the Fall of 2022.  Given her age and her strong family bonds, it seems likely that Harriet has died (though there is a remote possibility that she left the area).  Below is Harriet’s original adoption post.  If you would like to make a donation in remembrance […]

In Memoria: Olive (Doe #52)

Because our deer are wild animals, we can’t always know what has happened when one disappears. This is the case with Olive. Olive went missing in the Winter of 2022, and one of her ear tags was found in the woods of Mt. Storm Park about a year later. While we’d like to think Olive […]

In Memoria: Louise (Doe #62)

Louise disappeared in the Winter of 2020.  While it seems unlikely that she left Clifton without the family with which she was bonded and fear the worst, we’d like to think that Louise is somewhere out there, one step ahead of the law like her namesake, perhaps with a bestie named Thelma.    Below is […]

In Memoria: Ruth (Doe #60)

After Ruth lost her companion (and likely mother) Grace (Doe #63) to a vehicle strike on Valentine’s Day 2020, we were initially heartened to hear reports that she had joined a small group of does living just south of Ludlow Avenue in Clifton.  However, Ruth soon resumed her wandering ways on her own, and this […]