When we first encountered Doe #34 in December 2015, she appeared to have no family; she wandered the yards and woods of Amazon and Egbert Avenues by herself and seemed to prefer her own company to that of other deer.  Over the years, however, we’ve seen her slowly integrate herself into, and be accepted by, the family unit consisting of Doe #1 (Gloria, the Doe who Started it All), Gloria’s twin daughters, Does #8 and #10,  and Gloria’s granddaughter, Doe #41.  While she still enjoys her independence, there is a clear bond between her and her chosen family. We think Doe #34 is living proof that everybody, whether deer or human, needs and deserves community.

The ever elegant Doe #34 is ~9 years old as of the date of this posting (Summer 2023).

Interested in adopting and naming Doe #34?   Please let us know.  

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