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Juniper (Doe #19)

Juniper (Doe #19)

Adopted and Named by: Lauren Stoll

Why Lauren chose the name: Sometimes a name just fits! Having watched Doe #19 wandering about the Cincinnati Women’s Club property several times, Lauren felt drawn to the name Juniper, or Junie for short, and we here at “deer headquarters” think its perfect!    

Sponsored by: Junie would love to have you as a sponsor!  If you are interested,  please let us know!

For the first two years of our program, Juniper was our resident culinary critic, eschewing the offerings of corn at our bait sites that most other deer find so alluring.  In fact, a member of our team once observed her sniffing disdainfully at the corn before turning away with her head held high, rather as though she had expected a four star restaurant only to be taken through a McDonald’s drive-thru. 

We aren’t quite sure what changed, but these days Junie is a frequent visitor to our bait sites. Has our corn gotten better or has she lowered her culinary standards?   She’s not saying ….

Juniper, aged ~8.5 as of this posting (September 2019), lives on Amazon

Juniper enjoying a meal with BFF Doe #17 and #17’s son

Avenue with her BFF, ~7.5 year old Doe #17.   The pair is often seen with Doe #17’s son (who unlike most bucks, hasn’t yet left his mother and auntie).

Juniper was spayed in December 2015, at which time she weighed ~160 lbs.

Scarlet (Doe #48)

Scarlet (Doe #48)

Adopted and Named by:  Mark & Kim Nagelhout 

Named in honor of:  Dedicated to our love, appreciation and respect for deer. To help support and promote nonlethal deer programs. The life of every deer is precious and meaningful. The name Scarlet was from a fawn that we helped rescue.

Sponsored by:  Scarlet is still looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please let Scarlet know

Remember the “Pig-Pen” character in the Peanuts comic strips? The sweet little boy who was always very dirty?  We promised Doe #48 that her name will be much more dignified than that – and Mark & Kim really delivered – but we have to admit the resemblance is a bit uncanny.  Scarlet’s tags are always, irrevocably, dirty.  Day and night, fair weather and foul, she gives the appearance of someone who has just enjoyed a refreshing mud bath.  To each their own, Scarlet, to each their own. You just be you.

Scarlet, now aged ~8.5, was spayed in our January 2017 field operations together with her daughter, Doe #50 (now 2.5 yrs old).  Doe #50’s twin sister was spayed a year later in our January 2018 field operations.  This inseparable mother-daughter trio, along with Scarlet’s BFF, Doe #15 (aged ~9.5), live in Edgewood Grove and the surrounding yards.

Scarlet in Edgewood Grove with daughter, Doe #50


(last updated March 2020)

Olive (Doe #52)

 Olive (Doe #52)

Adopted and Named by:  Alma, Vida, Marieka & Kevin (the Sasquatches)

Sponsored by:  Olive is still looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please let Olive know.

Olive, the last doe treated in our January 2017 field operations, is pictured here on a March 2018 walk through Mt Storm Park. About 5.5 years old as of the date of this posting (September 2019), Olive is best known for her unique style (she’s often observed wearing her tags wildly askew), and for following ~8.5 year old Doe #31 worshipfully around the woods of Mt. Storm Park and the yards of Lafayette Avenue.

Olive weighed in at a healthy ~145 lbs. when she was spayed in January 2017.

Grace (Doe #63)

Grace (Doe #63)

Adopted and Named by:  Garrett Parsons

Named in Honor of:  Lauren Grace Stoll

Sponsored by: Grace is still looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please let Grace know

Grace’s young son, born Spring 2018. Check out those little buttons on his head, where his antlers will grow!

Sure, she’s as gorgeous as her name suggests, but Grace wants you to know that she’s not just another pretty face. She’s also a deer of action and adventure who has earned a reputation as the “Where’s Waldo” of Clifton. With Ruth (Doe #60, born ~Spring 2017, and likely Grace’s daughter or kid sister) at her side, Grace has been spotted eating from bird feeders on Gano, walking up Old Ludlow hill, munching ground cover on Hosea, grooming Ruth on Lorraine, napping on Hedgerow,  checking out yards on Manor Hill, Lyleburn, and McAlpin, and making a celebrity appearance outside a Superbowl party on Whirham.  Grace and Ruth even made a weekend trip to the Cincinnati Zoo in Fall 2018!

Grace was born ~Spring 2015. She was ~3 years old and a svelte ~140 lbs. at the time of her spaying and adoption in August 2018.

Gloria (Doe #1), The Doe Who Started It All

Gloria (Doe #1)

Adopted and Named by:  Chris Cain and Linda Goldenhar

Named in honor and memory of:  Chris’ mom Gloria, nature lover and best friend to wildlife and people

Sponsored by: Gloria is still looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please let Gloria know

We are so glad that Chris and Linda agreed that the doe who started it all deserves a name … and what a beautiful name it is!  Spayed on the very first night of our very first field season in December 2015, Gloria holds a special place in the hearts of the Clifton Deer Team. Aged ~9 as of her adoption in August 2018, Gloria is proud matriarch to her family and constant companions, twin daughters Does #8 and #10 (~age 6), and granddaughter Doe #41 (age ~3, and Doe #8’s daughter). In fact, we’ve given up trying to get a picture of Gloria alone!

A healthy ~150 lbs when she was spayed, Gloria really likes the corn at our bait stations and just might have packed on a few pounds in recent years. We understand, Gloria, it happens to us all as we age!

Gloria and her family live in the woods between Amazon Avenue and Lafayette, and are frequent visitors to yards in and around that area.



Maliki (Doe #28)

Maliki (Doe #28)


Adopted and Named By: Larry Holt

Named in honor of: Granddaughters Maya, Lilah and Killian

Sponsored by: Maliki is still looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please let Maliki know

This gal’s long legs and erect bearing make us think of a graceful dancer! 

Doe #28 out for a summer stroll with her mother, Doe #29, in Edgewood Grove

At age ~6, Maliki is hard to photograph solo because she rarely goes anywhere without her family, Does #25 (age ~5), #42 (age ~4), and matriarch #29 (age ~8). Maliki spends most of her time in Edgewood Grove and Rawson Woods and the surrounding yards.  She weighed about 150 lbs. at the time she was spayed in December 2015.   

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring Maliki.

(last updated September 2019)