Adopt A Deer

Our Adopt A Deer program offers donors the opportunity to make their gifts even more personally meaningful while also learning about some of the distinct personalities and relationships in the Clifton herd.  Here’s how to participate:

Naming (Adoption) Rights:  For a donation of $250.00 you will be able to name one of our deer (after a grandchild, friend, mentor, favorite fictional character or Greek goddess, perhaps?).  You, or the person you designate, will receive a Certificate of Adoption, a brief bio, and a picture of your deer, and will be named in your adopted deer’s profile on our website. Because more than one person may be interested in naming the same doe, please contact us before making your “naming rights” donation to confirm that the doe you wish to name is still available. Names that are respectful of our program and deer only, please! We reserve the right to determine whether a proposed name is acceptable in our sole discretion. 

Sponsorships: For a $50.00 donation, you may select a named doe to sponsor.  You (or the person you designate) will receive a Certificate of Sponsorship and a photo of your deer, and will be named in your sponsored deer’s profile on our website.   Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a named doe.

Remembrance Gifts:  Sadly, and increasingly as our herd ages, some of our named deer are no longer with us.  You may make a donation in any amount in memory of one of our does who is gone but not forgotten. You will be named in your remembered deer’s profile on our website.  Simply include the words “Remembrance Gift” and the doe’s name and tag number in the comment box on our online donation form or on your check memo if you donate by check.  

At this time, the deer identified below are available for adoption, sponsorship, or remembrance, as indicated.  Additional deer may be added in the future.