Becky (Doe #76)

Becky’s been adopted! Adopter information coming soon! 

We aren’t sure If there are any scandals waiting to be uncovered among the wildlife of Clifton, but if there are we’re pretty sure Becky – with her natural curiosity, sense of adventure, and fearlessness – would be the perfect private eye for the job.  Although she and her daughter, Doe #78, are relatively new to Clifton (having immigrated from parts unknown in Fall 2019) they have quickly made Mt. Storm Park and its environs their own and have even made some good friends among the herd: they are often seen with another spunky mother-daughter duo, Doe #74 and her daughter, Doe #83 (a/k/a  Iris).          

Becky is ~5.5 years old at the time of this posting (December 2021).

Interested in sponsoring Becky?   Please let us know.