Heeseung (Doe #31)

Nickname: Heedeungie

In honor of: ENHYPEN Lee Heeseung 

Adopted and Named by: jalnandans

Why the jalnandans have honored Lee Heeseung: Because a deer symbolizes Heeseung the most. His beautiful and innocent doe eyes sparkle with kindness and warmth, and like a deer, he teaches people how to be gentle and sincere and reminds us to use our hearts and minds to heal wounded souls. The jalnandans have named Doe #31 after him in appreciation of his existence and presence.

Sponsored by:  Heeseung would love to have sponsors!  If you are interested, please let Heeseung know

We aren’t sure if Heeseung can sing like her namesake, but with those soulful brown eyes and gorgeous fur, we’re sure she would look great on any stage!  Heeseung is ~9.5 years old (as of this posting in January 2021) and lives in Mt. Storm Park and the surrounding yards of Lafayette Avenue with her best friend (and likely daughter), Olive (Doe #51).      

Heeseung and best friend Olive (Doe #52) out for a stroll in Mt. Storm Park.