Alex (Doe #45)

Alex (Doe #45)


Sad Update:  Charming Alex was killed by an automobile on or around June 16, 2021.  She is survived by her family, Doe #5, Doe #6, and Doe #33.  We will forever be grateful for the joy Alex brought to us. 

Adopted and Named by:  Charlene Ventura

Named in honor of:  Her beloved grandson, Alex

A member of “the selfie generation,” this quirky, curious ~5.5 year old  never passes up an opportunity to ham it up for our field cameras. When she’s not striking a pose, Alex can be found strolling through the yards and surrounding woods of Amazon Avenue with her family, Does #5 and #33, both of whom are ~6.5 years old, and Doe #6, who at ~8.5 years old is family matriarch.

Alex enjoying dinner with BFFs Does #5 and #6


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