Louise (Doe #62)

Adopted and Named by:  Laurie Briggs

Named for:  Louise Sawyer, the spirited, law-evading waitress played by Susan Sarandon in Thelma & Louise

Sponsored by: Louise is still looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please let Louise know

Louise and her as yet untagged daughter, born Spring 2018, prior to Louise’s spaying.

Louise is the deer who knows there is no such thing as a free lunch.  So while her friends race to be the first to grab a bite at our bait stations, Louise will hold back, scan the area for signs of trouble, and then keep a close eye on any humans in her vicinity while she eats.  These traits allowed her to cleverly evade our darters for three field seasons in a row.  We’re pleased to say that when our darters finally caught up with Louise in August 2018, she was spayed without incident and no convertibles or cliffs were involved.  As of the time of this posting (September 2019), Louise is ~4.5 years old.

When Louise isn’t running from the law, she  can be found in Mt. Storm Park and the woods between Lafayette Avenue and Rue de la Paix with her family, Doe #23 a/k/a Harriet (age ~6.5), Doe #55 aka Ethel (age ~3.5), Doe #49 a/k/a  Gladys (age ~6.5), and Louise’s as-yet-untagged daughter (her fawn from Spring 2018). 

Louise, Harriet, Ethel and Gladys are known among Lafayette Avenue neighbors as “The Mount Storm Bridge Club.”