Ethel (Doe #55)


Sad Update: On October 1st, 2021, we learned that our beloved Ethel had been found dead of unknown causes near the woods where she spent her life.  She is survived by her family, Doe #23 a/k/a Harriet, Doe #49 a/k/a Gladys, and Doe #71 a/k/a Mae.   We will never forget her antics and remain grateful for the five years we knew her. 

Adopted and Named by: Sally Skillman & Nancy McGaughey

Named for:  Ethel Mertz,  Lucy Ricardo’s fun-loving sidekick in I Love Lucy.

Sponsored by:  June Schlipf  

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Maybe it is her relatively young age (~4.5 years old as of December 2020), or maybe it is just her fear of missing out on fun, but Ethel loves being where the action is.  Whereas other members of her family will take periodic “me” time, Ethel prefers company.  Not to say she’s indiscriminate – while she’s happy to socialize with other adults, she has no patience for neighborhood fawns and won’t be offering to babysit anytime soon!

Ethel in Mt. Storm Park with Harriet (Doe #23) and Louise (Doe #62) – before Louise was tagged

Ethel resides in Mt. Storm Park and the woods between Lafayette Avenue and Rue de la Paix with her family, Doe #23 a/k/a Harriet (age ~7.5), Doe #49 a/k/a  Gladys (age ~7.5), and Mae (age ~ 2.5).  

Ethel, Harriet, Gladys, and Mae are known among Lafayette Avenue neighbors as “The Mount Storm Bridge Club.”  (Mae’s mother Louise (Doe #62), an original member of the Bridge Club,  disappeared in 2019 and sadly is presumed to be deceased.)