Olive (Doe #52), Tag Fashion Trendsetter

 Olive (Doe #52)

Olive, the last doe treated in our January 2017 field operations, is pictured here on a March 2018 walk through Mt Storm Park. About 4.5 years old as of the date of her adoption (Christmas Day 2018), she is best known for her unique style (she’s often observed wearing her tags wildly askew, as in the photo below), and for following ~7.5 year old Doe #31 worshipfully around the woods of Mt. Storm Park and the yards of Lafayette Avenue.

Olive, having a “bad tag day” 

She weighed in at a healthy ~145 lbs. when she was spayed in January 2017.

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring Doe #52.

We aren’t sure if Doe #31 is Olive’s mama or big sis, but we are sure that Olive adores her!