Doe #48 – Available for adoption!

Doe #48

Remember the “Pig-Pen” character in the Peanuts comic strips? The sweet little boy who was always very dirty? While we’ve promised Doe #48 that her name will be much more dignified than that, we have to admit the resemblance is a bit uncanny.  Doe #48’s tags are always, irrevocably, dirty.  Day and night, fair weather and foul, she gives the appearance of someone who has just enjoyed a refreshing mud bath.  To each their own, #48, to each their own.

Doe #48, now aged ~8, was spayed in our January 2017 field operations together with her daughter, Doe #50 (now 2 yrs old).  This inseparable mother-daughter duo, together with Doe #50’s twin sister,  Doe #58, live in Edgewood Grove and the surrounding yards.

Doe #48 in Edgewood Grove with daughter, Doe #50

If you are interested in naming or sponsoring Doe #48, she’d love to hear from you!

(last updated September 2019)