Grace (Doe #63), The “Where’s Waldo” of Clifton

Grace (Doe #63)

Adopted and Named by:  Garrett Parsons

Named in Honor of:  Lauren Grace Stoll

Sponsored by: Grace is still looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please let Grace know

Grace’s young son, born Spring 2018. Check out those little buttons on his head, where his antlers will grow!

Spayed in our late August 2018 field operations, Grace is our newest tagged doe.  We’re still getting to know her, but what we can say so far is that she is super friendly.  In fact, we think she might be auditioning to become the “Where’s Waldo” of Ludlow, Manor Hill, Lyleburn, and Gano because she seems to be popping up in yard after yard from dawn to dusk!  Age ~3.5, Grace almost always has her young son in tow (check out the ‘buttons’ on his forehead where his antlers will grow next year – that’s how we know he’s a boy!)  We’re anxious to learn more about Grace, so if you see her around town, please let us know your observations!