Grace (Doe #63)

Grace (Doe #63)

Sad Update:  Our beloved Grace was killed by a vehicle as she was crossing the road on McAlpin Avenue on February 14, 2020.  She was survived by her constant companion (and likely daughter Ruth (Doe #60).   We will never forget you, Grace.  

Adopted and Named by:  Garrett Parsons

Named in Honor of:  Lauren Grace Stoll

Grace’s young son, born Spring 2018. Check out those little buttons on his head, where his antlers will grow!

Sure, she’s as gorgeous as her name suggests, but Grace wants you to know that she’s not just another pretty face. She’s also a deer of action and adventure who has earned a reputation as the “Where’s Waldo” of Clifton. With Ruth (Doe #60, born ~Spring 2017, and likely Grace’s daughter or kid sister) at her side, Grace has been spotted eating from bird feeders on Gano, walking up Old Ludlow hill, munching ground cover on Hosea, grooming Ruth on Lorraine, napping on Hedgerow,  checking out yards on Manor Hill, Lyleburn, and McAlpin, and making a celebrity appearance outside a Superbowl party on Whirham.  Grace and Ruth even made a weekend trip to the Cincinnati Zoo in Fall 2018!

Grace was born ~Spring 2015. She was ~3 years old and a svelte ~140 lbs. at the time of her spaying and adoption in August 2018.