Gloria (Doe #1), The Doe Who Started It All

Gloria (Doe #1)

Adopted and Named by:  Chris Cain and Linda Goldenhar

Named in honor and memory of:  Chris’ mom Gloria, nature lover and best friend to wildlife and people

Sponsored by: Gloria is still looking for sponsors!  If you are interested, please let Gloria know

We are so glad that Chris and Linda agreed that the doe who started it all deserves a name … and what a beautiful name it is!  Spayed on the very first night of our very first field season in December 2015, Gloria holds a special place in the hearts of the Clifton Deer Team. Aged ~9 as of her adoption in August 2018, Gloria is proud matriarch to her family and constant companions, twin daughters Does #8 and #10 (~age 6), and granddaughter Doe #41 (age ~3, and Doe #8’s daughter). In fact, we’ve given up trying to get a picture of Gloria alone!

A healthy ~150 lbs when she was spayed, Gloria really likes the corn at our bait stations and just might have packed on a few pounds in recent years. We understand, Gloria, it happens to us all as we age!

Gloria and her family live in the woods between Amazon Avenue and Lafayette, and are frequent visitors to yards in and around that area.