Our Deer Friends

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The Clifton Deer Program would not
be possible without the generosity of our growing list of  donors and volunteers, among them:

Special Mention

Enid Feinberg & Lierra Lenhard, Wildlife Rescue, Inc., who freely shared with us their vision, wisdom, contacts, time, and talent


The Clifton Town Meeting Deer Committee (Ben Pantoja,  Joyce Rich, & Adam Hyland), for their time, patience, guidance and  good humor


Parks Director Willie Carden, for initiating the collaboration that led to this Pilot Program, and his team for their advice and support

Leadership Level Donors – Year 1

Clifton Town Meeting
The Humane Society of the United States
Clifton Community Fund

Susan Becker & Susan Ziegler
Laurie A. Briggs
Bea V. Larsen
Christine A. Lottman
G. Franklin Miller & Carolyn B. Miller
Valerie Newell & Tim Smith
Robert Rack, Jr.
Hon. Jack Sherman, Jr.
Elizabeth A. Whelan

Leadership Level Donors – Year 2

The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust, a KeyBank Trust
The Animal Welfare Institute

Susan Becker & Susan Ziegler
Laurie A. Briggs
Robert J. & Katy Cantlon
Bea V. Larsen
Christine A. Lottman
Robert Rack, Jr.
Hon. Jack Sherman, Jr.
Elizabeth A. Whelan

Friendship Level Donors

Asterisk (*) indicates donations in both Year 1 and Year 2!

Clifton Natural Foods
Howell Avenue Pet Hospital LLC

John K. & June G. Alexander*
Scott A. Allgyer
Tom & Sandra Ammann
Jeannine Barbeau
Ed & Cathie Beckman*
Maria Blake & Mel Stampe*
Jodi Bockenstette & Barry Gee
Luella Briggs
Dr. James Park Canfield & Sabrina Hodge
Rob & Kate Cantlon*
Dr. Pearl J Compaan*
John A. & Harriet T. Courter
Greg & Myriam Cottin-Rack
Nancy Creaghead*
Kathy DeLaura  & Ron Steinhoff
Vickie DeNicola
Judith F. & Jerry F. Diers
Beth S. Dochinger
Carrie & Bob Driehaus*
Sue & Bob Dyrenforth*
David Elkins
Donald Foster*
Alphonse Gerhardstein
Linda Goldenhar & Chris Cain*
Merryl  Godick & Mary Jane Perry
The Gontero Day Family*
Deborah Grayson*
Jon J. Harmon
Yvette Hatcher
Ryan Hays & Virginia Michen-Hays*
Phillip A. & Cynthia K. Herrick
Laura Hirshman*
Larry Holt*
Ann Hubbard*
Matthew W. & Lynn O. Hughes
Jeff & Janet Katz
Harriet L. & Ben Kaufman*
Lauren & Rick Klein
Lesley Knowlton
Nancy Kuhl*
Holly, Ben & Brynlee Lottman
Betsy & David Mann*
Valerie Michelsen*
Mark & Terry Newdow*
Alice & Wilson Palmer*
Michael Privitera & Marcia Kaplan
Jo Rack & Frank Gomer*
Mary Ragouzis
Margaret Reich & Chip Montrose
Joyce & Jeff Rich
Paticia L. Rupich*
Gregory D.  Sayles & Alice Gilliland
Molly Sayles*
Laura Schlater
Scott W. & Bette V. Seibert
Jean Sepate
Rebecca & John  Shockley*
Nancy McGaughey & Sally Skillman*
David Smith
Som N. Tandon & Nalini Tandon, M.D.
Howard & Nina Tolley
Marilyn Wall
Mark & Buffy Weiss (Wilmington, NC)
Janice Wilkerson
Don Yelton & Ann Saluke


Those donors who wish to remain anonymous (your secret is safe with us!)


Asterisk (*) indicates volunteering in both Year 1 and Year 2!

Howell Avenue Pet Hospital LLC

Jenna Atha
Stephany Bains*
Dan Brauer, DVM
Laurie Briggs*
Andi Buehler*
Caroline Cain*
Marti Capizzi
John Casnellie*
Dan Cox*
Ben Dean*
Corrina Delorenzo
Sherry Drescher*
Paula Marques Figueiredo
Caitlin Francesconi
Linda Goldenhar*
Molly Green
Ken Harthun, Webmaster
Kelsey Harrison
Tim Harrison
Hannah Hess
McKenzie Hill
Larry Holt*
Robin Hunt*
Ryan Jorgensen
Alex Krueger
Carly Lisko
Hanna Ljungholm
Derek Lonaker
Christine Lottman*
Daryl Marsh
John McNealy*
Jake Mercurio
Adam Neu
Garret Parsons*
Noelle Plageman
Nancy Prosser
Robert Rack*
Molly Sayles
Amy Strabala, DVM
André Tempera
Ben Thorman*
Ryan Timms
Conner Schrader
Lauren Schumacher, DVM
Tim Smith
Luis Torres
Sarah Werring
Beth Whelan*
Janice Wilkerson
Alexus Wimbish
Lindsey Zinno


Our Bait Station Volunteers

Bill Chappie & Scott Allgyer*
Sue & Bob Dyrenforth*
Michael Privitera & Marcia Kaplan*
The Mt. Storm Condominimum Association
Valerie Newell & Tim Smith

An exciting, innovative, and humane deer fertility control pilot program